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      The Emana® Aesthetic Post-Surgical  Bodysuit is a special garment with extra benefits.

      This garment is made in order to promote the compression of body tissues after surgery.

      As its name suggests the compression product has the function of shaping the body to maintain the proper shape in the post-surgical so that the surgeon can ensure a satisfactory end result also helps in healing as it reduces the excess fluid accumulated between the cells, they get closer and this contributes to a more uniform and thin scar, preventing the emergence of keloids.

      The Emana technology also promotes cosmetic benefits such as reducing the signs of cellulite and increasing skin elasticity.

      The use of compression products begins shortly after the surgery is finished and is worn on the patient while in the operating room.

      Hydrophilic treatment that allows your skin to breathe freely, aiding in healing after surgery.

      *To obtain the cosmetic effects, it is necessary to use the Control Emana® piece for at least 6 hours a day for 30 consecutive days.

      • Fabric with reinforced mesh construction on the torso and thighs
      •  Moderate compression at the height of the breasts
      •  Front closure with two adjustments
      •  Hygienic opening generates comfort and condition to remain with the garment worn for as long as necessary
      •  Complete model with chest and straps, ideal for summer use
      •  Lace trim on thighs, soft and feminine
      • Composition: 20% Elastane and 80% Polyamide
      • Made in Brazil

      Kinds of surgeries that can use this product:

      • Abdominal plastic surgery,
      • Tummy tuck,
      • Mummy makeover,
      • Liposuction front and back,
      • Hernia surgeries,
      • Breast surgeries (i.e. breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast reconstruction, breast lift surgery, mastopexy and mammoplasty)
      • DIEP flap
      • Pelvic area,
      • Buttocks, hips, flanks and thighs

      This garment is suitable for patients undergoing multiple body contouring surgeries or post-reconstructive surgery